Politics and Consciousness

with Michael Brooks
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Guest Introduction.

My guest today is Michael Brooks: host of The Michael Brooks Show and author of Against the Web. On top of having one of the most popular Leftist political talk shows (full of wonderfully deep political analysis), Michael has a rich background in meditation, integral philosophy, and the general consciousness scene.

He regularly speaks about the need to situate the Leftist political project within a broader spiritual context, placing questions of consciousness at the center. In our conversation, we discuss:

  • The (lacking) relationship between ‘consciousness culture’ and politics
  • The politics of free time
  • How to bridge local anti-fragility with deep global interdependence and national social democracies
  • Comparing basic income and a federal jobs guarantee


Time map.

3:26 - the ‘broader consciousness dimension’ to politics

9 - how do you see the relationship between economic systems and consciousness?

16 - the ‘Great Awakening Myth’ …

21 - An economy geared towards democratizing free time as a catalyst for spirituality, and a more resilient, anti-fragile society

34 - What economic policies should be part of the immediate conversation to restructure society and build a better world?

37:45 - What would it look like to have deep global interdependence, national social democracies, and local anti-fragility? How can we create a system of both global organization, and local sovereignty?

45 - Comparing basic income and a federal jobs guarantee

51:30 - Recommendations for platforms, people, and places where strong, grounded political thinking is taking place (resources)

Links from the conversation.
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