Hey, I'm Oshan.

I write about consciousness studies and political economy, tinkering at the cross-roads of the social and contemplative sciences.

I'm a staff writer with Future Perfect at Vox, covering things like post-scarcity, advanced meditation, and psychedelics.

I co-founded the Library of Economic Possibility (LEP), a modern database that organizes research on high-leverage economic policies, and publishes interactive summaries.

I hosted the Musing Mind Podcast, where I held long-form conversations with economists, scientists, and philosophers at the intersection of consciousness and economics.

Each of us are here only briefly, as startling blinks of wakefulness, bundles of flesh & possibility in a vast, rich, & strange cosmic neighborhood. So firstly, let’s navigate with kindness, zest, & curiosity.

Yes, I have a newsletter. Join here for occasional updates, missives, and short essays.

––––– Writing

––––– Podcast

A lot of my early writing was about fostering more conversation between big-picture economics (as in, the institutions and incentives that structure our daily lives) and consciousness (as in, the qualities, textures, and delights — or anxieties — of our direct experience of the world, which I felt Buddhists were largely correct in putting at the center of things). I suspect we've hardly scratched the surface of how minds can learn to feel.

Eventually, as I struggled to find all that much existing cross-pollination between the two, I figured what the hell, let's start a podcast and do it.
The internet is for finding people — I'm in Brooklyn, and always up for a walk in Prospect Park. Or, get in touch:

E: oshanjarow [at] gmail [dot] com
Twitter: @OshanJarow
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